“I’ve been one to beat around the bush my whole life with the goal of being well-liked, so today I’m going to be frank. The Government of Newfoundland & Labrador needs to step it up. I’m from Toronto, and as Canada’s largest city center, it has vast opportunity and diversity. I often wish I would have returned. But hear me out – I’ve lived here for almost ten years. And you know what’s keeping me around? You guessed it. The tuition freeze.

Furthermore, Memorial has a uniqueness that mirrors the kind essence of Newfoundland. Over the last four years, I’ve ceased to be gilded by the students, staff, and professors of our genuinely supportive academic environment. It’s become a part of me. In addition to the financial strife from paying more for post-secondary education, I believe pursuing my undergrad at another institution would bring greater mental and emotional stress. Healthy competition is vital to reaching one’s potential, but I wouldn’t thrive in the cut-throat academic environment that exists in other universities. We have built something very special here at Memorial. Our government needs to recognize this and continue to invest in the people that it boasts as its greatest asset. ”

– Renata Lang, MUN, St. John’s