“I’m a 20 year old student who attended the PCA program at the College of the North Atlantic for 3 short months; September, October, and November. I was being funded by AES because I struggle with a learning disability. They did not provide me with the Kurtzwell 3000 software for my laptop, I needed to be successful in the program and in completing my final exams. When I left the college I quickly began applying to Home Care positions. Being able to gain experience in the program I was not able to complete gave me a different insight. In doing so, I made a decision to apply for Nursing at Memorial University. Once you are funded by the government once, they do not fund you a second time. Therefore, I will be paying for the program by student loans. I am looking forward to many late nights studying for upcoming exams and living on multiple boxes of Green Tea and Kraft Dinner. Everyone should be able to attend school comfortably without worrying about tutition fees. Education is a right! Without it we would not become professionals we need to survive in daily living.”

– Ashlee Teletchea, MUN, St. John’s