“My name is Jordan Collier. I’m in the Bachelor of Commerce joint with Bachelor of Arts program. I am from St. Alban’s, an outport community along the south coast of Newfoundland. I attended a university in Nova Scotia last year and chose to return to Newfoundland to be closer to home and take advantage of the affordable tuition costs. The incentive of affordable tuition is key in bringing in young people and the tuition freeze is a key element in youth retention. With rural students already having enough of a financial burden, as we are facing a jaw-dropping 30% residence fee increase, this increase eliminates residence as an option for most students. A hike in tuition fees could eliminate university as an option altogether.

Keeping the freeze will keep university as an option for rural students, as well as keep our university’s attractive status for students outside of Newfoundland.”

– Jordan Collier, MUN, St. John’s