“I am Qalipu Mi’kmaq and the current MUNSU Aboriginal Students’ Representative. Many Indigenous youth come from rural Newfoundland and Labrador which can be an expensive endeavour and the added stress of being so far from home can take a toll on students’ mental, physical and financial well being. There have been many times during my undergrad where a family member has been sick or passed away and I could not return home to be with my family because I cannot afford to miss work if I want to keep up with rent, tuition, utilities and all other expenses on top of trying to study. If the tuition fees increase many Indigenous and marginalized peoples who already face so many barriers to accessing education, will be forced to leave school or go elsewhere to obtain their post-secondary education. These students want to be educated, want to gain meaningful employment and want to stay in this province but if tuition fees go up, we WILL leave.”

– Lindsay Batt, MUN, St. John’s