“After graduating from highschool here in town, I decided to come to Memorial for a degree in political science. I graduated in 2013 and, after working unfulfilling jobs for a couple years I decided to come back to school to further my professional development.

Throughout my time in university, I met a lot of people from away who said they would have never come here were it not for the tuition and cost of living. Hearing this so many times really drove it home in my mind that this is why I’m still here too. If tuition rises, we will lose some of the brightest young minds in the province (not to say that I’m included in that group) and feed in to the rapid aging and demographic collapse by which we are already threatened.

The tuition freeze matters to me because if I ever have to go away, I want there to be a province I can call home to return to.”

– Russell Cochrane, MUN, St. John’s